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New on STN

July 2014

Latest release of new STN now available, expands global patent coverage and enhances search capabilities

July 2014

Retrieved BATCH results in DGENE, USGENE and PCTGEN are now available for 30 days

July 2014

CHEMCATS (Chemical Catalogs Online) on STN Enhanced with New Search and Display Fields and More Frequent Updates

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ICIC 2014, Heidelberg, 12.-14. Oct

EPOPIC - EPO Patent Information Conference, Warsaw, 04.-06. Nov

5. IP Service World, Munich, 24.-25. Nov

STN User Meetings

Espoo, 21.08.2014
Bern, 21.10.2014
Essen, 28.10.2014

CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe Announce Plans for a New STN® Platform

03. May 2010

The STN Partners CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe would like to give early notification to their valued customers that a new STN platform is being developed.

The new platform will provide a more modern interface and product architecture, while maintaining the critical search power and high quality content for which STN has become known.
The new product will have many advantages, such as:

  • Better integration of analysis tools
  • Improved database content consistency
  • Higher system limits

The new platform will run in parallel with current STN services for a few years to provide a comfortable transition for users.

Our development activities are being supported by an advisory council of global information professionals and thought leaders. We will also reach out to additional customers to help us pioneer the development of the next generation of STN.

We will be providing additional information at various development stages. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your STN Service Center.

STN will continue to focus on delivering what customers expect: precision and comprehensiveness; premium, value-add content; and exceptional customer support.