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New on STN

March 2014

The latest release of the new STN platform, provides enhanced features and content that enable searchers to work more proficiently

February 2014

Access INFULL and DEFULL databases with STN Viewer

January 2014

DWPI: Latest Manual Code Revision goes live

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PATINFO 2014- 36. Kolloquium der Technischen Universität Ilmenau über Patentinformation, Ilmenau, 04.-06. Jun

ICIC 2014, Heidelberg, 12.-14. Oct

STN User Meetings

Frankfurt, 06.05.2014
München, 13.05.2014
Essen, 22.05.2014


Adding screens in structure searching (reviewed 12/2010) 
Audio/Video: Chemical Structure Search in DWPI (Live search, 08/2010) 
CAplus Core Journal Coverage List (CAS) 
CAS Databases (CAS) 
CAS Section Descriptions (CAS) 
CAS Standard Abbreviations and Acronyms (CAS) 
CASLINK for one-step structure searching in CAS REGISTRY, MARPAT, and CAplus (06/2008) 
CASREACT® User Guide (01/2007) 
Chemical substances in the patent literature (05/2000) 
DWPI Chemistry Resource (DCR) Reference Manual (06/2007) 
e-Seminar - Physical property searching in ReaxysFile on STN (12/2012) 
e-Seminar - Polymer Searching in CAS REGISTRY (10/2013) 
e-Seminar - Reaction searching in ReaxysFile on STN (12/2012) 
e-Seminar - ReaxysFile on STN: Significantly more content and further enhancements (11/2012) 
e-Seminar - Searching in DWPI Chemistry Resource (DCR) (02/2014) 
e-Seminar - Structure Searching DWPI Using STN Express (05/2013)  
Getting Started in CASREACT® (05/2012) 
MARPAT® User Guide (11/2013) 
ReaxysFile on STN Introduction and Property Glossary (07/2012) 
ReaxysFile on STN: Addition of More Content (08/2012) 
ReaxysFile on STN: Displaying REACH Relevant Data (08/2012) 
ReaxysFile on STN: Property Information from Patents (08/2012) 
ReaxysFile on STN: Reactions (08/2012) 
ReaxysFile on STN: Searching Inorganic Substances and Related Properties (08/2012) 
Searching for Polymer Information on STN (10/2009) 
STN Basics Interactive E-Learning Tutorials 
STN® Screen Dictionary for Structure Searching (3rd edition) (10/2009) 
Structure searching DWPI using STN Express (PIUG 2012 Workshop, 4/2012) 
The Complete Markush Structure Search: Mission Impossible? (10/2001)